Corpus Christi Primary School Uniform

Please ensure that your child wears his/her full uniform, including black shoes, every day in school. We also ask parents to support us by not allowing tram-lines in hair. They must also have the correct clothing for PE on the days it is needed. If there is a problem with uniform or P.E. clothing please do not hesitate to contact the school. School ties and bags can be ordered at the school office and payment is required at the time of ordering. The uniform can be purchased at Lollipop’s in Berwick Hills, who provide a savings club service.

Boys Girls
Purple jumper Purple jumper or cardigan
White shirt White shirt
Tie Tie
Grey trousers Grey skirt or trousers
Black school shoes Black school shoes
Book bag for carrying reading books and homework


Jewellery/watches/personal property

Jewellery can be dangerous and so for safety reasons children should not wear it to school. Watches are easily lost and broken and these and other personal possessions are brought to school at the child’s/parents’ own risk. We try to ensure that things do not get lost, broken or go missing but we cannot be held responsible.


PE Kit

Details of our PE kit can be found along with prices and contact details below. We expect children to attend school on their allocated PE day in their full kit. Shoulder length and long hair should be tied back and as always, no jewellery should be worn at anytime within school.