The Nature of Collective Worship at Corpus Christi School

As a Catholic School, we are committed to making prayer and liturgy central to our work, our celebration and all our endeavours. We pray in thanksgiving, in petition, in celebration, in sorrow and in our acclamation of the glory of God.


The Place of Collective Worship in the Life of our school

We believe that Collective Worship must take into account the religious and educational needs of all who share in it:

  • those who form part of the worshipping community in Church
  • those for whom school may be their first and only experience of the Church
  • those from other Christian traditions – or none
  • those from other faith backgrounds

We encourage the active participation of the children in acts of worship – through, readings, singing, drama and communal/choral prayer and non-Eucharistic Liturgy.


The Aims of Collective Worship

We believe that Collective Worship aims to provide opportunity for all pupils and staff:

  • to learn and love traditional Catholic prayers, for example, the sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, morning and evening prayers
  • to know and be familiar and confident with responses in liturgy, including Mass
  • to contemplate something of the mystery of God
  • to reflect on spiritual and moral issues
  • to explore and develop their own beliefs
  • to respond to and celebrate life
  • to experience a sense of belonging and develop community spirit
  • to develop a common ethos and a sense of shared values
  • to enrich religious experiences
  • to reinforce positive attitudes
  • to participate fully, to take time out, ‘to wonder at’, ‘to come to terms with’ and ‘to give worth to