Corpus Christi is an inclusive school; embracing different cultures and religions within our learning environment.

Being a Catholic school, we do have a strong affiliation with Corpus Christi Church, Thorntree.

Key members of the Church often visit school to take part in assemblies and other acts of worship.

We are served by Canon John Lumley, who holds Mass on Sunday at 9.30am in Corpus Christi Church.
For more information regarding our local church, you can contact them on 01642 314501 or alternatively, by email [email protected]

Our school fosters very strong links with parents and many courses and events take place throughout the year.

There are many opportunities for adults in the community to enhance their own skills and educational experiences as well as assistance for parents in ways to help their children.

In addition, we have a number of large projects which greatly enhance the work of the school. We partnered with the University of Chicago to introduce Parent Academies and this work begun in 2015-16. We also run FAST projects annually (Families and Schools Together and these have proved to be a fantastic success.

We open our doors to other schools, providing maths for More Able and Talented as well as booster courses to pupils from across the town.

In July 2015  we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award and we successfully renewed this award at our reassessment in December 2018. It was recognised that, ‘working effectively with the parents is at the core of the school.’