Statement of Intent

At Corpus Christi we aim to provide our pupils with a broad, balanced curriculum which is underpinned by our Mission Statement ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’. The core values of our Catholic education remain central to the life of our school and our ‘Called to Serve’, ethos is at the heart of everything we do. We want our children to have a sense of self-worth through their experience of belonging to a caring community and we appreciate and respect the diversity of others.

Our curriculum is challenging, exciting and dynamic and has been designed to develop confident, independent and successful learners with high aspirations who are well equipped for life in 21st century Britain. We want our children to be able to face the challenges ahead and pupils are provided with a range of opportunities and fun activities to help them build resilience, inquisitiveness and motivation. Through our strong Personal Development curriculum, pupils learn the Secrets of Success and how to develop strong emotional awareness to help them stay happy and safe.

As a Global Learning school, we believe that all of our pupils should leave Corpus Christi with the knowledge, skills and values they need to thrive as Global Citizens, and to recognise their responsibility to care for God’s World. We encourage our young people to grow into conscientious, active members of the local and global community, who value and understand the location in which they live, and the impact they can have on the environment.

Through a rich Cultural Capital we aim to open our children’s minds to a wealth of possibilities. We broaden their horizons through access to educational visits, visits from specialists and through an exciting range of learning enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities.  We recognise the correlation between the number of words a child recognises and their future success. Children are given numerous opportunities to develop their language and expressive skills.

The National Curriculum is taught as separate subjects with some subject skills and knowledge coherently sequenced and delivered through a range of engaging learning projects. Our long term plans ensure that we have authentic cross-curricular links which enrich learning and enable the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum. To ensure that all children reach their full potential, the end of year expectations are clearly planned and progress is measured against these regularly. Day-to-day planning, teaching narrative and lesson delivery are supported by high quality, knowledge-rich resources and astute curriculum leadership.

Curriculum leaders play an important role in the success of our curriculum, ensuring that there is full coverage of the national curriculum programmes of study and that there is progression of skills, knowledge and understanding. Professional development ensures that staff are highly qualified and up to date with current trends in their subject field.

Our parents, as first educators, have a vital part to play in their children’s success and we actively encourage our parents to become involved in the life of the school. This enriches the school experience for both parents and children and it enables our parents to participate in many of our curriculum activities and learn new knowledge and skills themselves.

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