Corpus Christi School Dinners

School lunches are supplied by Caterlink. Dinner money can be paid using ParentPay. Children must keep to their chosen dinner arrangements for a half term period.

Packed lunches are taken in the dining hall.  Please do not send in drinks or food in glass containers. As a Healthy School we do not allow fizzy drinks or sweets as part of a packed lunch.

A half term notice must be given, if you wish to change your child’s lunch pattern.



We are education catering specialists, meaning that we focus solely on primary, secondary, academy and college clients. Healthy eating is at the very heart of our approach to food. We wholeheartedly encourage balanced diets within our dining rooms and significantly invest in training our teams. Our policy of purchasing a range of seasonal produce from local and regional suppliers enables us to deliver exceptional value.


Lunch Menus