Starting this term, children will be offered the opportunity to attend an afterschool ICT Coding Club on a Wednesday afternoon. Children will develop their computer programming, animation and image/video editing skills using the school iPads and a range of exciting apps and programs such as Scratch, Green Screen and iMovies. We will also be exploring how to use ICT safely both in school and at home, paying particular attention to the dangers of social media.

The afterschool club will last for approximately 1 hour and we ask that children could be collected from the main hall entrance at 4.15pmAlthough we have approximately 60 children who attend our club, the door is always open and we will consider requests from those who wish to start their coding journey.

Mr Henney & Miss O’Connor.

Wednesday 6th December – Scratch: Creating Algorithms

This afternoon, children continued their coding journey and experimented creating algorithms using scratch. They were all given a range of expected outcomes and possible steps to follow to achieve this. However, it was up to each individual child to use their coding knowledge to create what they saw on paper. Similar to the previous week, children also used Seesaw to share their experiences with others in their group and welcomed positive comments about their work. 

Wednesday 29th November – Introduction to Green Screen

This afternoon, children experienced the use of ‘Green Screen’ technology for the first time. This was used in combination with Seesaw (a previously used app) to share the images and videos that we produced. Children explored, using a range of backgrounds,  how to place themselves in any setting, scene or location around the world. As you can see from the photos created, they loved using this app and are keen to try this at home!

Wednesday 22nd November – Introduction to Seesaw

Today, children explored the term ‘digital resilience’ and looked at the risks of life online and in particular the dangers of social media. We looked at the power of positive comments and used the app ‘Seesaw’ to express our appreciation of our friends’ comments, photos and videos. Children now understand the importance of communicating with parents and family members when using social media to keep them safe online.

Wednesday 8th November – Introduction to Scratch

Today, children began their Scratch journey and explored the major features of the app. In pairs, they experimented with sequences of code and producing complex algorithms to make their ‘sprite’ move and create a short animation.