We ran our third FAST Programme from 10 October 17 – 28 November 17.

Families with children in Reception and Year 1 classes were invited to attend.

21 families joined the programme which consisted of 30 adults and 61 children.

We had 3 groups, known as “hubs”, and in those “hubs” we had FAST team members made up of school staff, parent and community partners, who were involved in weekly preparations and leading the sessions.

They met each week after school for 2.5 hours over 8 weeks and

  • Cooked and shared a meal together
  • Played family games
  • Spent time with other parents while their children completed fun activities with school staff
  • Shared special play time with their child
  • Won a family hamper

The last session finished with a graduation ceremony when families were presented with a certificate and trophy by the headteacher with the help of special guests, Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Parents were asked to complete a questionnaire before and after the programme. Overall they gave an average parent satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10. Relationships with the school and community partners were given 9.5 out of 10.

Comments included

· “More open with school staff”

· “Got to know them (school staff) better”

· “ I got to know (community agencies/organisations)”

They also told us

· “I got to meet new parents”

· “New friendships (with the other FAST parents)”

· “The most valuable thing about FAST was meeting new parents”

Many parents stated that afterwards they felt closer to their children and interacted better

· “FAST made us (parent and child) close”

· “More one-to-one time spent at home”

· “We play together now at home”

Parents told us that they wanted to continue to meet up after FAST. So far we have had 2 meetings to which all families were invited. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 2pm when we will get together to plan the first family activity.