Corpus Christi Primary School host an exciting weekly Drumming and Regulation Rhythm Club on Thursday lunchtimes for up to 12 children. The sessions are met with enthusiasm from the children, here’s what some have said about it;

 “Really good, I like it cause we do a range of different drumming stuff, like we have snares we have surdos we have everything, we have real choice and I really like the warm up games we do, like pass the clap around”

“I like it cause it learns you how to drum properly, it’s got me that much when I grow up I wanna be a drumming expert and stuff”

“I like drumming cause its got different tunes in it and you can play drums”

“I like it where we play on the drums and play games with the different instruments”

“ We get to do fun games with the drums”

The project is managed by Cathie Sprague a community artist and Dramatherapist and is supported and funded by Musinc and Corpus Christi School. The group also learn drama and rhythm games with Cathie.

This group learn drumming techniques on a range of percussion instruments including Samba and Djembes with Apollo Arts instructor Josh Elliot, Josh is a local musician and experienced workshop leader.

This vibrant and successful project, filled with positive vibes in every session is now in its 3rd Year and has lots of outstanding achievements which include;

Performance for final school assembly 2016

This even got the teachers dancing in the aisles

-A Trip to Stockton Riverside festival carnival 2016 to see parading drummers

-Trip to Teeside musical youth Inclusion event 2017 hosted by MUSINC.  Three drummers performed and took part in workshops from ‘studio recording’ to ‘Opera’. They recorded some of their own work and met other young musicians from the area.

-Three of our drummers have really progressed with their skills and undertook an EXPLORE Arts Award, as part of this they performanced at Middlesbrough Mela July 2017

-Explore Arts Awards were undertaken by 3 pupils and submitted in July/August 2017 – result pending