Year 4 visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle to further explore the topic of Egypt and in particular mummification. We began the day by completing a range of scientific experiements to examine the role of natron in removing water from the body. We performed these experiments using raw chicken and salt. The morning was complete with children identifying organs removed during the process of mummification and then finally having the opportunity to “mummify” their own stuffed animal. For the remainder of our time inside, children had the opportunity to explore the Centre for Life including the ‘4D Motion Ride’, Planetarium, Brain Zone and Science Show.

Our day was complete by braving the conditions and walking from the Centre of Life alongside and across the River Tyne using the Millennium Bridge, to the Baltic and the Sage. We simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop for several group photos, as you can probably tell. All children shone on our visit and impressed Centre for Life staff with their knowledge, curiosity and intuition. They not only impressed us with their amazing attitude and effort but, represented the school impeccably and made us all proud!